ŞAH-ZEREN TEKSTIL SANAYI LTD.ŞTİ Company which started the production in textile sector in 1994, transferred all its experience nowadays with its brand TERYE, designed for the sole purpose of comfort living.

Based on our collections created with original designs in our factories and partner ateliers in Istanbul and Tirana, we meet the needs of the market in the comfort clothing sector. With its production capacity, quality standard and original collections, our company that has brought a new perspective on the comfort clothing sector is competing in the same lane with the world brands.

Our company, which continues the trading relations in world markets, is pleased to work with you and start long-term partnerships in the markets of Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

TERYE's management philosophy, which creates competition in the textile market through its production capacity, quality and original design, is focused on the satisfaction of customers and retail traders.

With its original collections, our brand that addresses a wide range of ages and preferences, summarizes its designs in two groups, in comfortable day and night wears, introducing thus to its customers the product groups with more alternatives.

TERYE, which has adopted the combined sales strategy in the comfort clothing sector, in addition to price advantages, in intense living conditions, assures customers both the comfort and the chances of being stylish. Our brand's strength derives from the variety of the products that meet the needs of all family members.

Comfortable living arises from the introducing our company to its customers through the concept of comfort fashion and dedicated production according to the needs and requirements of the customer. TERYE, through its esthetic perspective, presents comfortable solutions in every area and every moment of life.

TERYE, a brand that competes with its original production, quality and design capabilities in the textile sector, has adopted a management philosophy focused on the pleasure of retailers and customers. Based on the creativity prepared according to the triangle quality, esthetics and comfort our company is in good way go to be a preferential brand of the sector in the national and international arena.